About Jerre Petersen

Jerre Petersen

Jerre Petersen, Business Owner
Heart Works Publishing
Portland, Oregon

Jerre Petersen is a loving father who experienced the ultimate loss in his life: the death of his 9-year old daughter, Audrey, to brain cancer.

In his award-winning book, "Heart Works - A Father's Grief", Jerre explores the paralyzing depths of grief, the awesome power of love, and the light of hope from a father's perspective. And he does it with beauty and insight.

His thoughtful introspection, gentle words and breathtaking photography will warm your heart and soothe your soul. If you have suffered a loss in your own life, Jerre's words will give you comfort.

"My book Heart Works speaks to my undying love for my daughter and the many ways her death changed me. I hope that my words embrace you, soothe your own pain and give you hope for the future. God Bless You!" —Jerre Petersen


Heart Works - A Father's Grief Heart Works book cover